Art Fair Simulator

Some people build flight simulators at home. I’ve built art fair simulator. 🙂 Art fair season starts for me this weekend with Kirkland Uncorked. And I was practicing setting up booth at home. It is nice to have home large enough to do this.

I’ve tested tent, propanels layout, lights (not in this photo). I feel ready now. Just keeping fingers crossed that there will be no rain this weekend.

You can find more details about art fairs and exhibitions which I’m participating in on my website:


One thought on “Art Fair Simulator”

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way when I pkiced up the guitar 3 years ago and then constantly lose inspiration after a few weeks. If you can drive, why not drive to different areas maybe 1 hour away and take pictures of other types of scenery. Get a new camera? Hey it works sometimes. Maybe you could even make a slideshow of photos and play music along to the photos. You could even take photos of your friends posing or just have fun in general. My friend likes to photograph different people and then compare them and see whats different about each person.Why not just go plain crazy?

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