Chasing the Light

After dreadful first day in Palouse the second day everything a landscape photographer could have dreamed of. The sky was filled with puffy clouds moving fast across the sky dragging spots of light across the land. All I had to do was watching those light spots highlight something interesting in the landscape.

I enjoy chasing light and shadow moving across the landscapes, its continuous change of scenery. It is like looking in kaleidoscope. There is an infinite amount of beauty in it and all you need to do is watch.

Here are two photos of the same place and same composition but different light. The first one is about the barn, since the light is on it:

And the second one is about fields behind the barn, since they have light on them:

Which one is better? Not sure. They are just different and I like them both.

Here is one more example. The white silo stands out of landscape with the light on it and a cloud shadow behind it:

And here it blends with the landscape:

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