Olde Town. The Flag

The people who I’ve met in those small towns are down to earth Americans. Friendly, hardworking people. They invited me to their houses, welcoming me into their lives.

Maybe their country did not care about them much but they care about the country a lot. They proudly display their country flag everywhere. You can see it in old buildings, on the streets and next to each post office.

The Mill The Mill


Post Office

Post Office

2 thoughts on “Olde Town. The Flag”

  1. It’s marvellous, Vitaly! I hope one day you’ll post photos from somewhere between Kiev and Moscow. They’ll be crystal clear and peaceful, just like these three.

    1. That would be an interesting project indeed. I’m unlikely to do one though after I got harassed by customs crossing Russian-Ukranian border a few years ago. Ukranian custom officers took all the cash I had (into their private pockets).

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