Demilitarization of Photography

I find it a bit disturbing the amount of military words used by photographers. Shoot instead of take picture. Shot instead of a photograph. Weapon of my choice instead of camera and lenses. Just today I’ve read interview of one photographer where while talking about his street photography he said “I keep my weapon close [referring to camera] ready to fire”. Why so much aggression? Aren’t we supposed to make our world better with our art?

I avoid those word in my language and use real photographic words when talking about photography. For me photography is a peaceful experience. Let’s declare photography a demilitarized zone. Are you with me?

2 thoughts on “Demilitarization of Photography”

  1. I totally agree with you. I’ve never actually used the word “weapon” nor see anyone use it. However, ‘shoot’ is something that comes very naturally to me me, and it’s weird but I actually have lost the aggressive meaning of it personally. What word/phrase do you use instead of shoot then? “Take a picture” is too much work! And how else would you say “photoshoot”?

  2. You’re aiming at something, putting it in the crosshairs, and then pulling a trigger. How is that not shooting something?

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