The way the Nature meant to be

Sometimes you can find inspiration where you least expected. My inspiration today was coming from my four year old son. On his third birthday we gave him a point-n-shoot camera as a present. Since then he has been photographing his day-to-day life – people and things that surround him.

Today was a beautiful warm spring day. I offered him to go to botanical garden to photograph flowers. He happily agreed. On the way there he was photographing all kind of ordinary things that we got used to: “Lake!” – click, click, click, “Boat!” – click, click, click, “Puffy cloud!” – click, click, click.

Then we walked the paths of botanical garden taking photographs of flowers. He saw a mom with a son about his age and asked me:

– Why they were not photographing trees and flowers.

– Maybe they did not know how. – I told him.

– It can’t be. – He said and I asked him why.

His answer was:

– Because that’s the way the Nature meant to be.

I envy him, I envy his ability to see extraordinary in ordinary, I envy the voyage of discovery he is going thru. He teaches me to see the world around, see thru his eyes, see it in an awe inspiring way.

Here is today thru my son’s eyes:












Dad and Photographer

I have not had much time doing anything photographic last week and won’t have this week either. We’re getting ready for my son’s fourth birthday.

Being dad and photographer at the same time can be both challenging and rewarding. Here is how it is challenging carrying bag full of gear, tripod and my two year son after photographing sunrise:


And here is how it can be rewarding. My son – now almost four year old – copying his dad: