Catch It While You See It

Last weekend my friends and I went with our kids to Shi-Shi beach for a one night backpacking trip. It is by far one of the most beautiful beaches of Olympic National Park. It is remote and thus less crowded on a nice sunny weekend than other beaches.

The photographic jewels of the beach are massive conglomerates of sea stacks on both north (where the trail comes to the beach) and south end (the farther end). The one on the south end even has its own name Point of Arches.

As I said it is a quite remote beach and involves a lot of driving to the trail head. With several traffic jams and need to stop for kids’ lunch, permits, etc. we got to the trail head close to sunset.

We did march the trail head at impressive pace and got down to the beach just before the sunset. As we walked out to the beach (the north end) I turned around and saw this beautiful light with mist separating sea stacks. I had to make a photo of it. Setting up camp can wait a little. I did not even think about taking backpack off. I just wanted to make this photo.

In seconds the light was gone and everything turned into gray nothingness. The sunset itself did not work out as sun hid behind thick grey cloud on horizon. The next day was uneventful too. I’m so glad I made this one photo.

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