Catch It While You See It

Last weekend my friends and I went with our kids to Shi-Shi beach for a one night backpacking trip. It is by far one of the most beautiful beaches of Olympic National Park. It is remote and thus less crowded on a nice sunny weekend than other beaches.

The photographic jewels of the beach are massive conglomerates of sea stacks on both north (where the trail comes to the beach) and south end (the farther end). The one on the south end even has its own name Point of Arches.

As I said it is a quite remote beach and involves a lot of driving to the trail head. With several traffic jams and need to stop for kids’ lunch, permits, etc. we got to the trail head close to sunset.

We did march the trail head at impressive pace and got down to the beach just before the sunset. As we walked out to the beach (the north end) I turned around and saw this beautiful light with mist separating sea stacks. I had to make a photo of it. Setting up camp can wait a little. I did not even think about taking backpack off. I just wanted to make this photo.

In seconds the light was gone and everything turned into gray nothingness. The sunset itself did not work out as sun hid behind thick grey cloud on horizon. The next day was uneventful too. I’m so glad I made this one photo.

No Flowers

Last week I went to Mt Rainier. I was hoping for flowers in alpine meadows. I had visited Mt Rainier 3 weeks before that and it was still covered in snow. Thus I though last week the flowers should be at peak. It turned out that they were way past peak. It is an unusual year for Mt Rainier flowers. It seems that even during peak there were few flowers and the peak itself was short lived.

No flowers – not problem. There is always something interesting to photograph.

I had always been fascinated by thin grass floating in Mt Rainier lakes. They are an interesting subject for abstracts.

An Old Clunker

A few weeks ago I went to the Palouse. I’ve been there many times. I find the experience of spending hours in the fields listening to wind and whispers of wheat moved by the wind relaxing and meditating.

Despite visiting the Palouse every year and some years several times a year I find something new every time. This time as I was driving on one of the Palouse roads I passed a blue old truck left rusting in a field. Had it been there before and I simply had never driven that road before? Or was it dragged out there recently? No idea.

My thought was that it is kind of interesting but it is not what I came for. I came for beautiful landscapes that the Palouse is rich with. The old rusty clunker was not quite a beautiful landscape. Neither it was making landscape beautiful. After all I could photograph it on the way back if I wanted. Thus I passed it by and kept on going.

As I was returning on the same road I decided to stop and take at least on photo – just to pay a tribute to the old clunker. I was stuck around it for about two hours. I could not stop photographing it. There were so many images, so many stories in that old truck.

First, I liked the truck filling the whole frame, leaving little room for anything else.

Then I wanted to show it in the field.

Then I realized I like its symmetry. While having background almost symmetrical.

The I liked how the blue truck blends with the blue sky. I wanted more sky.

Then I got closer to the truck. (I always start from a distance and then come closer to the subject. That way I don’t ruin anything I might want to include in wide frame.)

I liked the rhythmic change of blue to yellow and yellow to blue.

Then even closer.

That was too close. As I saw shadow of a rear view mirror I realized that I missed  those strong lines before. I had to step back to get them in.

Now really close. Focusing on individual details of the truck.

Lines, shapes and colors.

Lines and shapes. Lack of color.

Now closing on rusty patterns. This looked like Chinese characters to me.

And this looked like a map of some islands surrounded by water.

And of causes needed to capture the truck make and model sign.

“Ok. Enough.” I told myself and started walking back to the car. Only to see something interesting on the other side: bright white lines of the side mirror supports against dark black shadow of the truck.

Thanks for following thru all this store to the end with me. Times and times again I find that there are infinite possibility around us. No need to drive around. There are lots and lost of images in each and every place.