Every Image Has Its Viewer

This year’s art fair season has started for me with Best of Northwest Spring Show. And for tens or hundreds time I’ve learnt that I don’t know what images would sell. I don’t know what images would not sell either.

Sometimes I show an image for the first time and it immediately sells. I’m excited and print one more and I keep showing it over and over again and nobody buys it anymore. Other times I show image on many art fairs and nobody buys it. I’m ready to give up – this image will never sell. Then suddenly someone buys it.

The only thing I know is that in order for image to sell the buyer needs to have a personal connection with it: a memory, a dream, an inspiration.

I have emotional connection with all the images I bring to an art fair. They are the best of my best from my point of view. But that point of view is skewed by my experiences. I’m not a detached viewer of any of them. I’m a participant in each of them.

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