Enchantment Lakes [5]

Day 2. Approaching Lower Enchantments

On our first day I still had energy to walk and there were still 2 hours till sunset but John and Josh decided to camp night out at Upper Snow Lake. The second day I learnt why.

The last mile of this hike was the toughest. It was pretty much continuous scramble up a face of a big rock. There were no flat spots big enough to setup a tent. Once we were there there were only two options: walk up or walk down. Even in day light it was easy to loose the trail, since in many cases there were no trail. At night it would be extremely hard to stay on it.

I was not used to go such steep trails. My muscles were sore from previous day hike. So, I was moving slowly, checking that my muscles would not give up on me before making each steep step. Loosing balance was not an option. It took us 3 or 4 hours to get to Lake Viviane. (In other words we would not make it before night fall the day before.)

As we climbed higher and higher we could see golden larches in the distance. Larches were glowing in sun light. Now they were not only above us; we left some below.


The grand view of the whole valley we had been walking up so far was opening up to us.


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