… Still going thru my photo archives (posted about it before in The Art of… Clean up) cleaning up photos that I feel I would not be interested in looking at ever again, categorizing those I’d like to keep and assigning keywords to them. While doing this I find some little gems that I feel deserved sharing.

Here is one of such photos. This photos is about simplicity; simplicity of color and curve. I like pure yellow of the flower. I like light blue sitting in a shade between petals. The colors themselves bring me some joy but then there is also the perfect curve of the flower petal which is a pleasure to follow.

Color and Curve

One thought on “Simplicity”

  1. I think you might be right. I’m guessing it’s a husibcis from the looks of the leaves. the flower looks like a double flower and that’s throwing me a bit. but that would be my guess too. it’s a lovely shot Ana.

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