Art Fair: My Experience

This year I tried something new – selling canvases with my photographs at art fairs. I’ve been to two art fairs: Kirkland Uncorked and 6th Street in Bellevue. A few weeks passed since the last one. I had time to recover and reflect on this new for me experience.

The Most Important Takeaway

The most important takeaway – my audience. I found more people who like my work and keep in touch with me. Talking to people gave me insights and unusual perspectives on my photography.

Thanks to all who stopped by my booth on either of the art fairs, talked to me, purchased my work – you’re my audience and I love you all.

The Best Encouragement

I got encouraging response to my photo impressionism work. This was very surprising. This is something that I like to do a lot and at the same time I thought people would not accept. Well, I was wrong, people loved it.

The Best Moment

When someone passing by would suddenly freeze seeing my work and in a few seconds after catching a breath slowly say “wow!”.

The Worst Moment

Pouring rain on the first day of the art fair in Kirkland. Everyone simple disappeared from art fair. Staying alone in a booth without anyone even passing by is the worst.

The Funniest Moment

When a woman passing by saw my photo with a boat Stillness and said “I love this image but I’m done with color blue”. Should I have offered it to her in some other color?

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