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As I mentioned in the previous post I’ve recently visited Palouse during winter time. I watched for this opportunity for a while. Everything seemed to fit this time. But the day before I left for a trip I checked road conditions and they were icy. One city – Spokane – alone saw more than 200 car accidents as a result of cars sliding down hills on icy road. And what Palouse is famous for? Right, hills!

That made me consider staying home instead. But my photo-biological clock was set already. I woke up at 2 am – the time I planned to leave to get there for sunrise. I thought it might be a sign that I should go. And I went. Turned out that the roads cleared up and driving was as safe as it could be. I finally could see Palouse in white – what a pleasure.

The morale of the story: sometime it is worth taking a risk. And be safe on your next trip!

Road to Steptoe Butte
Road to Steptoe Butte