Photography – hobby or work?

This is a series of posts with translation of my interview published in Russian at The question from the interview: “Is photography your hobby or job? Or maybe both at the same time?”

Photography is a hobby for me. I thought of making it my job but talking with photographers that made it their job I abandoned that idea. There is a lot of work goes into having photography as your job that is not directly related to making photographs like marketing, finances, workshops, etc. I’m not interested at all in that. I might as well to have a job completely unrelated to photography and do photography I like in the remaining time. After all I probably spend as much time doing photography I like as some professional photographers.

As far as money concerned I think the only way to make money in photography is to photograph weddings, portraits or advertisement.

By the way Brooks Jensen wrote it in a funny way in his book Letting Go of the Camera. Though he has built a successful business based on his love of photography.

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