Copyrights and Trademarks

Thank God he copyrighted Nature before we did, otherwise we would not have anything to photograph.

I’ve recently submitted a few of photographs to a juried book. While reading the rules I stumbled on this (copying copyrights and trademarks section in its entirety):

So, what are some of the things that will get your photo rejected?

  • Logos and Trademarks– this is a big reason for rejections. It doesn’t have to be a picture of a logo, just the presence of a logo in the image. Some actual examples:
    • Photo of a person wearing a baseball cap with an MLB team logo on it.
    • A small Nike swoosh on a pair of running shoes. It was pretty small, but still easily seen.
    • A Ferrari decal.
    • A logo on a building that was discernable as a logo.
  • Copyrighted material – So often makes one say “you’re kidding”.
    • Art work – things like paintings, public art. Most likely we’ll reject it, but if you know that it’s OK you’ll have time to argue your case.
    • Buildings – lots of buildings are copyrighted and the rules are weird.
      • Space Needle – a photo of the Space Needle isn’t OK, but if it’s part of the skyline that’s ok.
      • Eiffel Tower at Night – a photo of the Eifel Tower is OK, but not of it at night when the lights are on it. The light display is copyrighted.
    • Private Property – images of private property are often copyrighted
    • Check
      • If something is not listed on this site, it is not a guarantee that it’s OK.

That’s right – “are you kidding me?”. Thank God he copyrighted Nature before we did, otherwise we would not have anything to photograph.

2 thoughts on “Copyrights and Trademarks”

    1. I understand this rules in case a photograph is used for advertisement but for editorial use they seem to be too strict. I feel sorry for all street photographers as they pretty much cannot reasonable share their photographs in the modern world with all the restrictions. I wonder what the famous photgraphers of the past like Henri Cartier-Bresson would do in today’s world.

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