My photographic style

This is a series of posts with translation of my interview published in Russian at The question from the interview: “Your photographs are unbelievably relaxing, looking at them your feel like you step into a good fairy tale. How do you achieve such effect?”

That’s an interesting observation. Somehow I’ve never thought about this. Now that you noticed it I think [this is part of my photographic style] it is directly related to how I feel when I photograph. For my photography is like meditation. When I’m photographing nature I have a feeling of complete balance inside. Daily routine becomes something very-very distant and unreal.

Beauty around me becomes part of me. Flowers, pines, ocean, mountains, sky, sun has been here and will be here independently of me, independently of people. They just let us enjoy their beauty. It is all quiet and calm around, just birds singing and whisper of wind. There is some inconceivable grandeur in all of it.

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