Funny Moments

Sometimes photographing in popular locations yields quite funny pictures.

I was photographing in Carrizo Plains in California. A couple ventured into the flower field as I was taking a series of timed exposures to be used for time stacking later.

I knew they will have no impact on the final image. But when they noticed me they started crouching. Not sure if it would really help were I taking a single exposure but it made for quite funny image.

I waved them that they were not creating any problems for me and yelled “Thanks”. And they happily proceeded to take pictures they wanted.

The final image I was after:

Wait for the Right Moment

“Decisive moment” coined by the great Henri Cartier-Bresson many years ago has become a cliché phrase in photography. For many years I misunderstood it though. I thought it was about getting lucky, being in the right moment at the right time, scouting around until I happened to see something unusual. Looking back at those times put a smile on my face. Such naïve and too literal interpretation of that phrase it was.

By now I’ve found many more different interpretations of it. One of them is to find the right place and wait for the right moment to happen. As Jay Maisel once said “find a stage and the actors will show up” (or something along those lines).

On my recent trip to Carrizo Plain I found a field of flowers. Maybe it is not the right way to say it. I did not really search for it. It was so popular, it was hard to miss. Lot of cars were parked near it and lots of people were enjoying looking at it or going into the field to take selfies.

What I found was a few areas stomped out in the field that lined up into imaginary trail going into the field. I took a few images of the trail but something was missing. The trail was going to no destination. There was nothing to capture the eye at the end of the trail.

So, I waited. And waited some more. People were milling about. And I was waiting. Until I saw a woman in a bright red jacket going into the field. She was not following my imaginary trail. She was walking across the field. That was just as fine. All I needed to do at that point was to wait some more until she lined up with where my imaginary trail would take her.

When she lined up I took a few fast shots to make sure I capture different phases of her body movement to choose the most appealing later during editing. The end result is below.



Photos for Meditation

I found certain photos to be great for meditation. I can stare at the for long time and think about something that I cannot remember anything of later. They are just so calming and simple.

Spring Time in Carrizo

I lost myself in the sea of flowers.
I closed my eyes
        to let other senses enjoy the scene.

The warm touch of the sun.
The gentle caressing of the breeze.
The soft singing of the birds.
The sweet scent of the spring.

I stood in the sea of flowers in silence.
I wanted to take it all in.
Until I lost myself in the sea of flowers.
Until I became a part of it.


The Spring is Here

spring has come to Skygit Valley. Last weekend I went there to photograph daffodils but ended up photographing less daffodils and more of other scenes of Skygit Valley rediscovering it for myself. Even when there were daffodils in the frame they were taking very little part of it.

First, my attention was captivated by the snow geese taking rest in Skygit Valley during their regular migration.

Then I got fascinated by the smoke and steam coming from tall pipes and blending with the sky.

Then I noticed puddles in the fields and was looking for interesting reflections.

Then I went after complete abstract shots like this.

Then after lonely trees.

Then finally, by the end of the day I finally stood by a daffodil field. Even then I more enjoyed how the sky was painted with clouds then the flowers themselves.